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Macedonian team was tired, Germany deserve the win

kire so germanija

Palau Sant Jordi, Barcelona

Germany - Macedonia 28:23 (13:9)

Germany beat Macedonia with no trouble. Germany have qualified with clarity for the quarter finals, where they will play Spain or Serbia, by beating an inferior Macedonia.


Macedonia lose, but they are happy with the last 16 game agains Germany

mkd - den 1

Denmark - Macedonia 33:30 (13:14)

Palacio de San Pablo, Sevilla

Macedonia test Denmark, but will play Germany. Macedonia lost to to Denmark in a relatively equal match and will play Germany, leader of Group A, in the last 16. The strong Nordic selection, on their part, will play 4th in Group A.


Impresive draw in Sevilla

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Macedonia - Russia 29:29 (13:16)

Palacio de San Pablo, Seville

Macedonia perform in a tie against Russia. Macedonia and Russia lock horns in the most equal meeting of the four game days celebrated in Seville and they sealed their ticket for the last 16. Oleg Kuleshov's team controled the first half, meanwhile the Balkans managed to react after the break to level the scales with a meritable performance (29-29).


Iceland defense stop Lazarov and Macedonia

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Macedonia - Iceland 19:23 (10:10)

Palacio de San Pablo, Seville

Iceland put an end to Macedonia's dreams. In a tense, equal game, Iceland have come out on top to win a great victory over the warriors of Macedonia. Zvonko Shundovski's seven had their dreams shattered of having a perfect three days (19-23).


Spectacular first half of Macedonian squad

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Qatar - Macedonia 30:34 (13:21)

Palacio de San Pablo, Seville

Macedonia take it all before clashing with the favourites. Macedonia repeated the virtues that they showed against Chile, beating Qatar and sealing the best start in their World Championships history. The Macedonians have already pocketed 4 points and now they will face the favourites of their group, Russia, Iceland and the powerful Denmark.


World championship can start!

mkd 11012013

Nearly all top nations have qualified, host Spain is ready for "mission gold" and the world of handball will have all eyes on Spain from Friday on. The opening match of host Spain against the African runners-up Algeria on Friday 11 January (19:00 hrs local time) will be the starting point from a series of 88 games deciding the 23rd Men's World Champion on 27 January in Barcelona.


Wilbek chose 16 Danes for the tournament

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Wilbek chose 16 Danes for the tournament

Danish national coach, Ulrik Wilbek has decided squad for the upcoming World Championship 2013 in Spain:


Handball-Planet prediction: Macedonia at 14 place

Kire Lazarov vo skok 200 x 156

As before every big handball event „„ takes opportunity to give prediction of the medal winners. They use this chance to help you before World Championship 2013 in Spain from our point of view:


VIDEO: „Seven metres„ - official song of Handball 2013

grupa chloe

The World Championship has official song. Its name is Siete Metros (Seven Metres) and it has been composed and played by the Spanish band Chloe. In the lyrics, there appear some references on handball, both on the game and the phylosophy of the sport. The relationship between Chloe and our sport is not new, because their song Dejándonos llevar, was the official theme song of the Liga Asobal during two seasons.


Serbian win in great Balkan derby

mkd 05 2013

A lot of friendly matches have been played all around Europe, six days before the offcial start of the World Championship 2013 in Spain. Serbia beat Macedonia 26:25 (13:13) with 4:0 series in the last few minutes in front of 4.000 fans in Nis.