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Academia Octavio first Cup chalenge

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Yesterday, in the ASOBAL headquarters in Sant Joan Despí, the draw for Spanish XXXVIII Copa del Rey round of 16 took place. In the draw, all top flight teams were divided in two groups, depending on their place in last season's Liga ASOBAL. The first drum teams (the eight first teams in the last league) will meet the second one clubs (from the ninth place to the recently promoted) in only one match in the second drum team home. This eight-finals will take place on Wednesday December 5, 2012. These will be the fixtures:

Helvetia Anaitasuna - FC Barcelona Intersport
ARS Palma del Río - BM Aragón
Academia Octavio - BM Atlético de Madrid
Alser Puerto Sagunto - Cuatro Rayas Valladolid
BM Huesca - Fraikin BM Granollers
Quabit BM Guadalajara - Reale Ademar León
BM Villa de Aranda Autocares Bayo - Naturhouse La Rioja
Frigoríficos Morrazo Cangas - GlobalCaja Ciudad Encantada

After this round of 16, there will be a new draw for the quarter-finals. In that case, with only one drum (without seeds). That round will have two matches, one in each team's home. Finally, the quarter-final winners will clash in a Final4 that will be held in a venue not confirmed yet. With this new competition system, every top flight team will play the Cup. Up to now, just te first eight teams could. In the ASOBAL Assembly that took place before the draw, Eduard Coll i Poblet was elected as new president of the Spanish handball clubs association: ASOBAL. Coll i Poblet is a FC Barcelona Intersport executive and a graduate in Laws and Labour Relationships.