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Easy going two points to Atletico

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Last year's finalist Atletico Madrid is nearly through to the semifinal of the 2012 edition of the IHF Super Globe in Doha, Qatar. On Tuesday 28 August the Spaniards beat Sao Bernardo clearly and remain with their 100% record after their second victory in group A.

Metodista Sao Bernardo - Atletico Madrid 27:34 (16:16)

Like El-Jaish, like Metodista Sao Bernardo: Atletico Madrid again needed one half to adapt to their opponent, but then they got a clear victory without having to give 100% of their power. Coach Talant Dushebajew gave chance to rest for Nicolaj Markussen, Jonas Kallman and Julen Aguinagalde to make a big rotation in his team compared to the opening victory against the Qatari team. And his team needed time to find their pace and rhythm.Sao Bernardo – like during their defeat against Zamalek on Monday – did not have enough power to stand their powerful and physical opponent for 60 minutes, and remain with zero points on their account before their final preliminary round match on Wednesday 29 September against El-Jaish. If Zamalek win against the Qataris this night, the Egyptians and Atletico Madrid are already qualified for the semifinal – and the direct duel on Wednesday would only bring the decision for the group winner.

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Atletico needed only one strong period right after the break to pre-decide the match against Metodista. After the 16:16 halftime result, the Spaniards got away to 22:17 in minute 37 and 25:19 in minute 42 to take those two points. And by missing a big numbers of chances after the break, Madrid failed in their effort to finish with a double-figured result. Metodista did not resign, but proved, why they had qualified as Pan American champions for the IHF Super Globe. But like for the young Madrid players, this match meant a special intercontinental experience for Sao Bernardo. Top scorers were Marius Jurkiewicz with six goals for Atletico and Carlos Alberto Castillo with five goals for Metodista.

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Statements after the match:

Jose Ronaldo Nasciomento, coach Metodista:

We showed a good first half against one of the best teams of the world, as we did all we had practiced and prepared. After the break we did not have enough physical power to continue like this.

Henrique, Texaira, player Metodista:

We do not have enough international experience to be on one level with a team like Atletico. But we are in Doha to learn and to improve. Due to those tournaments we can improve for the future and I think we could show that handball in Brazil is growing. We are on the right way.

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Talant Dushebajew, coach Atletico:

We played much better than in our first match and our development is going step by step. I have to congratulate Metodista, because they really made a good match and showed a great improvement compared to the past. It is good for the handball in general if teams like Metodista improve by such tournaments.

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Joan Canellas, player Atletico:

The Brazilian team made a great effort and really pushed us in the first half, especially by their line player. When he lost powers after the break, it became easier for us. The IHF Super Globe is a good opportunity for us to test against good teams, because we need to improve step by step.