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The worst macedonian match in last few years

kire 04 11 2012

Portugal - Macedonia 32:25 (18:13)

Unexpected, sensational, surprising: Only three days after they had been clashed by Spain by 14 goals, Portugal rose like Phoenix from the ashed against Fyr Macedonia and shocked their opponents, the fifth ranked team at the EHF EURO 2012. The Balkan team, which had started their campaign by an easy-going win against Switzerland, could not cope with the Portuguese way of defending. Furthermore goalkeeper Hugo Laurentino had the match of his life for the host. After 15 minutes Portugal were already ahead by 11:4, at the break the distance had melted to five goals, and 12 minutes before the end, when the Macedonians had reduced the gap to only 23:25 the match was close to turn - but Laurentino prevented his team from falling behind. Top scorer was Carlos Carneiro with eight goals.