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Defeated by a heavyweight

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PSG - FC Barcelona Lassa 33:26 (15:12)

Barça Lassa have lost their first game of the season against PSG, one of the best teams in Europe. Despite the absence of both Sorhaindo and Jicha, Barça played well before eventually losing 33:26. Xavi Pascual's side now have five victories and one defeat in the VELEUX EHF Champions League. They face a team who had also only lost once in the competition and Pascual recognised the threat posed by the Parisian side: "PSG have signed lots of players, they play very well and have lots of quality."

Barça started the game dominating possession and in the third minute Anderson scored from the right hand side. However, ex-Barça player Luka Karabatic found the back of the net and PSG regularly counter-attacked at speed. The home side made the most of their offensive potential with Karabatic and Remili leading the charge. The Catalan side kept in touch with PSG and they reached half-time trailing by three goals (15:12).

Following the break, PSG made the most of their possession and they increased their lead. Also, the French team were strong in defence and limited Barça's chances. The away team kept their calm and looked for opportunities until the end of the match.

However, resolute home defending stiffled any potential comeback and Barça ended up losing their first game of the season. Barça Lassa's next encounter is against Bidasoa Irún who are ninth in the Asobal League.