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Hombrados successfully operated on

kire 17 10 2012

Jose Javier Hombrados was operated on this morning at Clinica Cemtro in Madrid to reconstruct goalkeeper's left knee anterior cruciate ligament, torn during Sunday's match versus Veszprem, at the third round of the Champions League. Dr. Pedro Guillen, who has leaded the surgery, explained at its end that everything has gone "very well". This Wednesday the player will leave the hospital. The ligament has been reconstructed with a tendon of himself, as Dr. Guillen said. During the surgery a torn knee meniscus has been detected and sutured. The surgeon confirmed that Hombrados will not play for 6 or 7 months, although "in 8 days he will can put down the leg and, during the fourth or fifth week, depending on the evolution, he will can walk without crutch".

Guillen wanted to appreciate Hombrados' attitude during the surgery: "Jota has been conscious all the time and has been very brave. He has seen everything. He is very strong, a champion. He has a very good knee". Last night, BM Atletico Madrid wanted to show the trust placed in their captain with an automatic renewal of his contract, which ended with this season. Now, Hombrados will play for the rojiblancos one year more, until Juny, 2014. As Hombrados expressed to Radio Marca, he is very happy about this extension. "I am very grateful to my club and my people, but I am grateful also to the President Diaz de Mera and Dujshebaev, who have made possible this renewal. This nice gesture says a lot about the character of this team and this club. I cannot express my gratitude enough". Moreover, the sports management of the club, leaded by Luis Miguel Lopez is searching the market for a a good goalkeeper to replace Hombrados. It is needed that the player has not played Champions League this season to play with Atletico in all the competitions they participate.

Anyway, the signing could not play the European top flight until the end of the winter transfer market on February. For Liga Asobal, that is not a problem, and he could play the same day he arrives to Madrid. "We are going to look at the market, but it is not going to be easy, because these days there are few good goalkeepers unemployed, but we are going to try because there are many months", asserted Lopez to EFE Agency. The Managing Director of the club admited that they have already some "names on the table" to join Magnus Dahl and Antonio Diez at the Atletico's goal.