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Nagy seals the deal for Veszprem at Madrid

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Atletico Madrid - MKB Veszprem 26:27 (13:15)

What a return to Spain for Laszlo Nagy: In his first match on Spanish ground after moving to Hungary the former FC Barcelona striker played an outstanding match for his new club MKB Veszprem, saving the Hungarians a highly important but also dramatic victory. Nagy have not only been the top scorer of the match with ten goals, but also scored the final two strikes for Veszprem from 25:26 to 27:26 in the last 70 seconds. Spanish Veszprem coach Carlos Ortega was fully satisfied, but also praised their opponent:"Atletico Madrid played a real big game, both teams have been performing on highest level for 60 minutes. We were lucky to score the final two goals. It is our advantage that we had more time to prepare for the season compared to Madrid." But of course Ortega knew whom to thank most of all: "Laszlo Nagy has been phenomenal in attack and defence." His team had turned the game in the middle of the first half, leading closely at the break – and then took the advantage of an injury of Madrid's goalkeeper Jose Javier Hombrados (pictured on the right), who had to be replaced early by Magnus Dahl.

Later-on Atletico's Dane Nikolaj Markussen had to leave the court due to an injury too. "Those injuries hit us harder than the defeat, even as we really played bad in the final minutes of this match. In general I am satisfied, as we are still in a period of learning. But losing at home always hurts," Madrid's coach Talant Dushebajev said. "In the last six or seven minutes we were unable to play our game," Atletico player Roberto Garcia Parrondo added. By a double strike of defence specialist Jakov Gojun Madrid returned in lead at 21:20, and again Gojun netted for the 24:21 ten minutes before the end, when Madrid was clearly in a dominant position. But then the great show of Laszlo Nagy started: Scoring five goals in ten goals he decided this top clash on his own.