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FC Barcelona Lassa beat Ciudad Encantada with new spanish record

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FC Barcelona - GlobalCaja Ciudad Encantada 34:21 (18:9)

Team passes Ciudad Real and go into the record books with their 68th consecutive league victory. The Catalans had already equalled Ciudad Real with 67 consecutive victories, but they needed one more at the Palau against Ciudad Encantada to claim the record all for themselves.

And they did so without losing focus, against an opponent that put up a fight until they could do so no more. In the end the record came in a rout, 34:21. Jallouz and Lazarov bagged five goals each to pace Barça on the record-breaking evening. Syprzak and Entrerrios added four each. But who scored didn't really matter tonight. What mattered was that after two years, four months, and 26 days FC Barcelona won just one more time. One win for immortality.

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