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Füchse Berlin defeat Barca


Füchse Berlin - FC Barcelona 26:25 (12:15)

FC Barcelona were the first on the board, but Füchse Berlin soon followed and took control of the game to show it was not going to be an easy victory for the VELUX EHF Champions League winners. Frederik Petersen scored a penalty goal togive Berlin the lead and Fabian Wiede was next to add to the tally, putting the German side two in front (4:2). After 15 minutes Berlin retained the advantage, though Barca keeper Gonzalo Perez de Vargas was making them work for each goal. It was not long before Barcelona began to show their strength, reclaiming the lead courtesy of a save by Vargas followed by a goal from Kiril Lazarov in the 18th minute (5:6). Berlin came back briefly to see a level score line after 25 minutes (10:10), but a two-minute suspension for Kent Robin Tonnesen soon afterproved a turning point.

Barcelona took advantage of their numbers to create a three-goal lead within the last five minutes of the half, leaving Berlin to chase them through the second period. Berlin fought hard but Barca looked comfortableas they retained the advantage through the second period. With 15 minutes on the clock they were still in front by three (18:21). But it was not over - Berlin continued to push and came back within one goal on more than one occasion. Bjarki Elisson missed a chance to equalise on a fast break in the 52nd minute keeping the score at 21:22, and when Barca stayed ahead by two with five minutes left it looked as though they would take the win. But again Berlin reeled them in, and when Victor Tomas received a two-minute suspension and Elisson levelled the score on a penalty goal inside the last two minutes, it seemed that the match could well end in favour of the German side. Barcelona lost their next attack in passive play, and Berlin had possession as the clock showed 15 seconds left. Berlin received a penalty on the buzzer and Elisson converted to pull off the last-second win, knocking Barca into the bronze medal game and putting themselves into the final.