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Dahl: "It’s a dream to be in Atletico"

magnus dahl

Norwegian goalkeeper Magnus Dahl was presented today in Madrid, at the press-conference with the club director Luis Miguel Lopez and two members of the team - world champion, Roberto Garcia Parondo and Angel Romero. "For me this is a dream and honor to be in a club like Atletico, one of the best in the world, but the reality is that I am here for a year, but if all goes well I am prepared to stay longer. Now will try to do my best "said the new goalkeeper. Dahl will wear jersey with number 16, which previously had goalkeeper Arpad Šterbik, from a few days ago a member of Barcelona.

For his predecessor, Dahl says: "Šterbik is undoubtedly one of the best goalkeepers in the world. I come to prove myself and try to do things as best as I can. I'm a fighter, I'm a goalkeeper who moves with his feelings and that's one of my strengths. "Dahl has 23 years, born in Oslo, 1.98 cm. tall and weighs 96 pounds. He played for the Norwegian handball Filingen and Paris Saint-Germain and from there signed a season with Atletico Madrid.