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FC Barcelona celebrate eighth title in Champions League

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FC Barcelona celebrate eighth title in Champions League

FC Barcelona - MKB Vesprem 28:23 (14:10)

FC Barcelona have won Champions League for the eigth time after 1996-2000, 2005 and 2011. The Katalans managed that momentous achievement led by MVP winner Nikola Karabatic and thanks to a number of saves by keeper Danijel Saric in sold out Lanxess Arena in Cologne in front of 19.750 spectators, winning 28:23 (14:10). Beside Karabatic, Gudjon Valur Sigurdsson was the top scorer of the match (six goals each), for the Hungarians, who lost touch midway through the first half and were never able to equalise again, Champions Leagues top scorer Momir Ilic (5) and Laszlo Nagy (8) were the highscorers. The final of VELUX EHF Champions League started nervously for both teams. Two minutes passed before Cedric Sorhaindo had the first big chance to score, but Mirko Alilovic showed his potential with an early save.

Momir Ilic scored the first lead forMKB-MVM Veszprem, but just a few seconds later Nikola Karabatic equalised. Both teams were on operating temperature now - not just in offence. A blocked shot by Sorhaindo, or a stolen ball by the very alert Laszlo Nagy were examples for the level of play and the emotions involved on both sides. The next goal was scored by Gasper Marguc, but FC Barcelona answered with three goals in a row: Raul Entrerrios Rodriguez tied, Gudjon Valur Sigurdsson scored the first lead for the Spanish team quickly followed by a goal by Victor Tomas Gonzalez for the 4-2. But Veszprem was unimpressed, Laszlo Nagy scored the next goal and the Hungarian champion kept the deficit at a maximum of two goals for the time being. And they had the chance to equalise again, e.g. after thirteen minutes - but Nagy missed his fastbreak chance, Saric saved again keeping Barcelona ahead. As Eduardo Gurbindo scored the 7:5, Veszprem took their time-out. It looked as this break may turn the tide, a thunderous shot by Momir Ilic reduced the gap to one goal with a chance for the Hungarians to tie the match shortly afterwards. But Saric was a safe bet again, quickly passing to Gudjon Valur Sigurdsson for a fastbreak goal to 8-6.

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The winger from Iceland also scored the next goal setting the score to 9-6, distancing Veszprem yet again. Barcelona was in command, Carlos Ortega reacted by making the first changes in Veszprems line up. Goalkeeper Roland Mikler entered the match, as did line player Andreas Nilsson. As in yesterdays match against Kiel, Veszprem fought and reduced the deficit - as a shot of Gasper Marguc was lucky to go from post into goal, narrowing the gap for the Hungarians at 9:8. Nagy decreased the gap to 10:9, but Veszprem were continuously unable to equalise. And Barcelona had found their rhythm, creating some good chances in offence and using them with clinical efficiency. Daniel Sarmiento scored and Nikola Karabatic increased the score with two goals to the 13:9 to four goals. The Hungarian hopes were raised again when Andreas Nilsson scored and Roland Mikler saved their opponents next attempt. But Barcelona controlled the match, a key was the defence against Momir Ilic. The backfielder scored three of the first six goals for Veszprem, but in the last twelve minutes of the first half he was unable to score a fourth one - one reason being Danijel Saric who saved Ilics the seventh attempt shortly before the break.

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On the other side Nikola Karabatic scored the 14:10, which was the halftime result - Ilics last shot was saved by Saric yet again. In second half the teams sought to find early chances to score, Karabatics pass to Sorhaindo failed to create a chance, so did the next throw, which was saved by Saric, giving Veszprem a chance to start into the second half with the first goal. This was achieved by Laszlo Nagy, who not only directs Veszprems team, but also takes responsibility in vital moments. His first goal was followed by a goal by Victor Tomas, who needed precious little room to manoeuvre to score the 15:11. The pace of the match continued as before, Barcelona used the advantage of being a player up but Vespzprem did not let off, themselves scoring for 16:12, at least keeping the gap at a manageable four goals. Veszprem then wasted another chance in attack, Saric saved the ball, passing to Karabatic who wasted no time to score the 17:12. The pace of the match remained high and although not flawless, the individual quality of the players shone through in almost every scene. Barcelona however had a distinct advantage in goal, with Saric saving more balls than his counterpart Roland Mikler for Veszprem. But Veszprems defence kept having problems with Barcelona, who, driven by a very mobile and physical Nikola Karabatic, penetrated the Hungarian defence lines time and again. Veszprems coach made the right decision in putting Allilovic in for the hapless Mikler eight minutes into the second half, his save and the next goal brought the team within three of Barcelona (19:16, 39mins).


Barcelona kept Ilic under close guard, averting the chances he creates, such as a throw in the 12th minute. But this created room for Laszlo Nagy to score, he gladly obliged, scoring the 19:17, quickly followed by a save by Allilovic. Veszprem were in attack again, a foul by Victor Tomas which earned him a time penalty, but Veszprem could not use the advantage to decrease the gap to one goal. The concentration on both sides seemed to slip now, as Barcelona also missed their next chance, so did Veszprem, who failed to score in their next attack. The referees stopped Veszprems attackplay twice for technical faults, eventually the goalless few minutes ended when Barcelona scored the 20:17 (46mins). Another goal by Barcelona and a time penalty for Schuch put veszprem under pressure, but Ilic delivered when he scored the 21:18 (49mins), but the Spaniards quickly answered with a 22:18, putting the gap back at four goals. Barcelona continued at the same rate, forcing Veszprem to take their timeout at 24:18 (52mins). The instructions during the timeout seemed to be directed mostly at Laszlo Nagy, who heeded the advice, scoring the 24:19 shortly afterwards, but again Barcelona used a gap in defence to score, while Veszprem missed yet another chance. The next attack by the Hungarians was averted by Karabatics high speed attempt to steal the ball, earning him a time penalty, leaving his team two players down, an opportunity used by Veszprem to score the 25:20 (54mins). A save by Alilovic followed by quick attackplay of Veszprem brought the 25:21, while Barcelonas next attempt was played out calmly in order to bring them back to full capacity. That plan prooved to be well chosen, as Jesper Nöddesbo scored the 26:21 and 27:21, deciding the match in their favour with two minutes left to play. Sulics goals for the 27:22 and 27:23 had mere cosmetic value. At this point FC Barcelonas squad and fans had already begun their celebrations, while it was left to Victor Tomas to score the final goal of the match for the 28:23 end result.