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Siarhei Rutenka, five-time European champion

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Siarhei Rutenka has won more Handball Champions Leagues than any other member of the Barça squad. He got one with Celje (2004), three more with Ciudad Real (2006, 2008 and 2009) and another for Barça (2011). "All of them were different" he says as he heads for Cologne in search of title number six. "I appreciate them all as much as each other".

This will be his fifth Final Four in six years at FC Barcelona. "I have had time to prepare for the game and see what our opponents are like" the Belarusian told "That's what happens when you have so much time before a Final Four. You can prepare for it much better, and also the long wait means you look forward to it even more. Kielce is a very strong team, they play hard and quick and have a coach who'll try to surprise us somehow" he continues. "In a Final Four you can throw away everything by hitting the post or losing the ball. You have to concentrate 100% the whole time."