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Already champs, FC Barcelona win at Gijón

juanfersa - barca

Juanfersa Gijón - FC Barcelona 25:34 (14:18)

The FC Barcelona handball team won their 58th consecutive league game in Gijón, giving Xavi Pascual's team a 34:25 victory in a game that did not feature top players Víctor Tomás, Karabatic or Sigurdsson. Aitor Ariño had a game-high seven goals in a clash that Barça dominated from start to finish. Barça were up 11:7 after 15 minutes and then, after Gijón came to within two goals, extended the lead to 18:14 at the half. A solid defensive effort after the break allowed the Catalans to run it 23:15, although a fine effort by Gijón goalkeeper Pejcinovic kept it from getting out of hand. With Barça up ten at 27:17 after 43 minutes, Xavi Pascual found minutes for youngsters Beto Miralles and Víctor Sáez before wrapping up their 58th straight.

Juanfersa Gijón:
Pejcinovic, Adrián Fernández (1), Huerta (1), Pellitero (1), Paraja (1), Paredes (5), Potic (1) - starting seven - Ignacio Fernández, Rionda (2), Rial (2), Serdio (-), Montoya (4), Íñigo Álvarez (2), Ortega (-), Plaza (2).

FC Barcelona:
Pérez de Vargas, Noddesbo (2), Entrerríos (2), Ariño (7), Saubich (3), Jallouz (5), Lazarov (4) - starting seven - Saric, Sorhaindo (3), Gurbindo (1), Beto Miralles (1), Rutenka (5), Viran (-), Víctor Sáez (1).

Scoring by five-minute intervals:
1-2/6-7/7-11/9-13/12-14/14-18 (HALF)/15-21/17-24/18-28/20-30/23-33/25-34.