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Ivano Balic joins BM Atletico Madrid !

kire balic
One of the biggest transfer stories this summer came to the conclusion – Ivano Balic will play in the Spanish capital for BM Atletico Madrid! We find out this information from reliable source, which told us that the best handball player ever will sign one year contract with the Spanish vice-champion today.
Playmaker of the croatian national team will arrive today at "Barajas" airport in Madrid and will sign one-year contract with the european vicechampion. For Balic this is a return at Spanish ASOBAL League, because with great success played for Portland San Antonio and was spanish and european champions.

Lazarov and Balic had excellent cooperation and won a lot of trophy in the croatian handball. Handball player as Balic will get quality, experience, playing in both directions and great charisma. If Balic play like recently at the last Olympics, will be big quality for a strong team like Atletico Madrid. He should be available thids days and will play at the IHF Super Globe next week.