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Where after Sevilla? In Zaragoza, Barcelona or Guadalajara

kadep posle
Our handball fans have already started to plan activities for next January 2013. One week supporting our handball players in Seville is required. Already begun combinations and plans to be with our stars like in Nis, Belgrade, Gothenburg and Vienna. But we will not stop there. After group stage each of the selections will move to another city depending on which position will be placed in their group. The road from Group B in Seville can take us in Zaragoza, Barcelona or in Guadalajara.

If Macedonia finished first or second place in the group along with Denmark, Iceland, Russia, Qatar and Chile in the last 16 will play in Zaragoza on 20 January. If will be third or fourth will play at "Palau San Jordi" in the Olympic arena in Barcelona with the capacity over 20,000 people and would have played the same day on 20 January. Worst is if we failed and we finish at 5 or 6 place in the group. Then we must go to Guadalajara to "President Cup" which classifies selections from 17 to 24 seats. Quartertfinals will be played also in Barcelona and Zaragoza on 23 January and semifinanels and finales only in the largest catalan arena at 25,26 and 27 January.