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Spanish super Cup in Madrid

Palacio Vistalegre
Atletico Madrid and FC Barcelona will open the season with ASOBAL Super cup - the first official competition of the season. The agreement for the organization of the XXVII ASOBAL Super cup was signed yesterday afternoon by the manager of Asobal Jordi Pallares and director of Atletico Madrid Luis Miguel Lopez.

For Luis Miguel Lopez is very "important" to organize this event again. "For us to host again ASOBAL super cup in "Vistalegre" is a big challenge, because we want to repeat the success of last year. We want to surpass the record of spectators who had even in the League match against FC Barcelona. We are sure that the handball fans in Madrid will enjoy this match like one of the greatest event that can be seen in Spain. "

Jordi Pallares - Asobal manager said: "We are very satisfaid. To repeat the conclusion of the first major tournament of the season, the super Cup in Madrid is great news for handball. Last year we set a record of public attendance with 11,000 spectators in "Vistalegre" and this time we want to repeat again and i hope that the fans will enjoy a great show of handball in Madrid. "