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The first match win is always important

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Comments from the press conference after  Macedonia won 33:25 over Tunisia at Lusail Multipurpose Hall.

Ivica Obrvan (MKD)

"I am satisfied with our victory, of course.The first match at a championship is always difficult, but I think we did well in both defence and attack for most of the game. However, we will have to forget this game in a hurry, as there is another game waiting already tomorrow"

Stojanche Stoilov (MKD)

"We can only be happy by having started the tournament with a win. I think we were in control most of the time and managed to play well for great part."

Sead Hasanefendic (TUN)

"We were hoping for an equal match, but the illusion only lasted for the first five, six or seven minutes. From then on, Macedonia were allowed to score too many easy goals. However, I am sure that we can improve our game as well as our system in the upcoming matches, where I expect to see a reaction to this defeat from my players."

Abdelhak Ben Sallah (TUN)

"This was our first game and a very difficult game. Our problems were particularly in defence, where we let in too many easy goals. In attack I think we were okay, but we were simply up against a very strong Macedonian team."

Naumche Mojsovski (MKD)

"We were excellent in attack, we played well in defence and our goalkeeper was superb today. Normally we don't score so many goals in our games, but today we were unstoppable. We have to continue in that pace."

Filip Mirkulovski (MKD)

"In first half we played well but had some technical problems in the beginning, so Tunisia scored easy goals. In the second part, our defence was developing well and we could build on it in attack. It was a great victory."

Kiril Lazarov (MKD)

"We had lots of well-performing and cheerful players which were the foundation of our victory over Tunisia. We stood for the ultimate party at the beginning of the championship by beating such strong opponents."

Heykel Megannem (TUN)

"That was a very bad game for Tunisia. We left out too many chances in attack and allowed 18 goals in first half, which is a terrible record and leaves us with slim chances to proceed. We have to bounce back in our next game."