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Kiril Lazarov, new player of FC Barcelona handball

A few days ago handball Barca announced the addition of Nikola Karabatic, today is the turn of the second reinforcement for the template 13/14. The right-Macedonian Kiril Lazarov wear the Barca shirt the next two seasons. Proven experience Kiril Lazarov , Macedonian nationality is a right side 33, 1.93 m tall, born in the town of Sveti Nikole (Macedonia). BM Lazarov comes from Atletico Madrid player had previously been Peliester RK, the RK Zagreb, the MKB Veszprém and BM Ciudad Real. A full international Macedonia, Lazarov is captain.

At club level has won two league titles and two Cups in Macedonia, seven league titles and five Cups in Croatia and five leagues and five Cups in Hungary. Asobal In his tour, WB BM Ciudad Real and Atletico Madrid, has won 2 Super Cups, three Spanish Cups, a Copa Asobal and World Cup. Scorer born In season 2012/13, Lazarov was the third top scorer with 157 Asobal goals in 29 games. He has scored 62% of the releases made, highlighting the effectiveness at 7 meters (76%) and counter (86%). Kiril Lazarov was the top scorer in the Champions League handball the 2005/06 and 2007/08 and top scorer in the World Championship 2009 and European selections selections 2012.